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How To Choose a Pro Scooters Handlebar?

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How To Choose a Pro Scooters Handlebar?

Issue Time:2020/09/06
How To Choose a Pro Scooters Handlebar?


                     Ipozon Team2020-09-06Pro Scooters Handlebars

The handlebar is one of the essential parts of pro stunt scooters. Similarly, a suitable pro stunt scooter handlebar for every rider helps ride better in scootering at street spots or skateparks.

Choosing a suitable custom pro stunt scooters handlebar, you can consider from the following three points:
 l Compression system
 l Shape
 l Materials

let's take a look at Compression Systems

Compression system
The typical compression systems of pro stunt scooters cover HIC, IHC, SCS, ICS, and so on. Each compression system has different requirements for scooters handlebars, clamps, forks, and headsets. Therefore, learning the pro stunt scooters compression system you use is the first step in choosing a scooter handlebar.

HIC (Hidden Internal Compression)
HIC compression
Cory and Cary Mosbrucker invented the HIC system, the founders of RAD pro stunt scooters. This system locks the fork on the deck through the HIC Compression shim. At the same time, locks the T-bar by the clamp to prevent relative rotation or pro scooter handlebar loosening. 
HIC Compression shim
Because HIC system using 28.6mm diameter fork and using 1.6mm thickness shim, the HIC system can only use 31.8mm inner diameter CrMo/titanium oversized handlebars with a slit
Handlebars with slit
Aluminum scooters handlebars(28.6mm inner diameter and 34.9mm outer diameter) and CrMo/titanium standard bars(28.6mm inner diameter) could not be used in the HIC system
Regarding the HIC system, each part's structure and function are single and clear, ensuring higher durability and strength. 

Compared with ICS, HIC is a more friendly compression system because it is easier to disassemble and maintain. Moreover, a larger diameter represents a more potent locking force for the pro stunt scooters handlebars. Many riders require high intensity like it.

Just a small weak point, in the actual scootering, compared with SCS, the screw on the top of the fork is relatively easy to loosen a little bit. And it is not being able to adjust the height of handlebars by adding washers limits the riders DIY on the other hand.

Sum up: If your fork diameter is 28.6mm and locked on the deck separately, then your pro stunt scooter should be HIC system. In this case, you can choose 31.8mm inner diameter CrMo/titanium oversized handlebars with a slit.

IHC (Internal Hidden Compression)
Envy / Blunt pro scooters developed the IHC system. 

Although IHC system has a different name with HIC system, their principle is the same. The difference between these two systems is on the structure. The fork diameter of IHC is 25.4mm, smaller than HIC, and also can use 1.6mm thickness shim

Compared with HIC, IHC system has better compatibility. Suitable for both CrMo or titanium scooters handlebars with 31.8mm inner diameter and aluminum handlebars with 28.6mm inner diameter ( both with a slit)

Sum up: If your pro stunt scooter has a fork with 25.4mm diameter and the fork locked on the deck, you are using IHC system. IHC system is compatible with handlebars of any materials and any diameter on the market. While using oversized handlebars, you can replace the small diameter(1.6mm) fork shim with IHC to HIC kit(3.2mm).

SCS (Standard Compression System)
Andrew Boussard-the "Godfather of Scooters" invented the SCS system.

SCS system locks the fork on deck with the clamp by a washer and screw, and locks the bar with the clamp.

-The mainstream SCS clamp has four bolts on the market. The clamp is divided into two functional areas. 
-The lower part (2 bolts below) is responsible for locking the fork on the deck. The upper part (2 bolts above) is responsible for clamping the bar, preventing its relative rotation, or removing. 
-Therefore, SCS clamps generally have no less than three bolts. Also, there is no 5-bolts clamp so far. General is 4-bolts clamp.

SCS system is stable in structure, and it is not easy to loose for the screw on the fork top or lead to handlebar-deflection. Besides, we can adjust the handlebar's height by adding a spacer - many riders like the way DIY.

However, in the SCS system, because the clamp functions are much more, there are some complex problems related to stress, which means the screw holes are broken and can not work. To solve this problem, Ipozon team provides a solution. We add a threaded sleeve into the clamp hole to increase the strength of the clamp locking force.
threaded sleeve
Sum up: If your clamp has more than three bolts and the clamp locked with fork, then you are using SCS system. 

The small-diameter SCS clamp can use standard 31.8mm outer diameter handlebars- CrMo/titanium standard handlebars with no slit. 

The large-diameter SCS clamp(34.9mm) can use any outer diameter handlebars with no slit, including oversized handlebars 34.9mm- aluminum, Crmo, and titanium handlebars. 

 If large diameter SCS clamp use standard handlebars, just add a shim.

For the handlebars with slit, just installing a HIC / IHC to SCS adapter, the handlebars can be used in the SCS system.

ICS (Internal/Inverted Compression System)
ICS system locks the fork with the bar, locking screw through the fork' under to the top, and lock the bar by clamp to prevent the relative rotation. No shim is needed.

ICS system appeared earlier. The structure is stable. We can change the bar's height by adding a spacer, and the bar is not easy to loose and swing. 

When the pro stunt scooter handlebar or fork breaks, the locking screw can ensure the handlebar or fork would not throw out. On the other hand, it ensures the riders and people around safety at the same time. It is suitable for riders who require very high-strength requirements.


However, as ICS lock the fork with handlebars by screws, when you disassemble T bar every time, you need to remove the front wheels first.

Besides, because the screws are on the fork's inner top, you need a special long wrench to complete the disassemble operation, which is somewhat complicated.
long wrench
Therefore, only some brands' complete pro stunt scooters and riders with high requirements with weight and safety would choose the ICS system for now. There is no shim needed in the ICS system, and you can use one bolt clamp that reduces a certain amount of weight.

Lastly, the quality of the star nut used by different brands is different. The cheap star nut will cause the whole compression system to be unable to work usually.

Sum up: ICS system is suitable for 28.6mm inner diameter CrMo/aluminum/titanium handlebars with a slit. 

Spider HIC
For the compression system, there is a special one --- Spider HIC

Chilli pro scooters invented the Spider HIC. That is a very creative way. The principle is the same as HIC. It combines the characteristics of HIC and IHC systems. We can not only use 31.8 mm i.d handlebars but also 28.6 mm i.d handlebars.

Spider HIC use 28.6mm o.d fork, due to its unique spider sleeve, this system can maintain the o.d. of this structure at 28.6mm even through add a shim(spider )so that we can use 28.6mm i.d. handlebars.
Chilli Spider HIC
Spider HIC include: 1 x Spider Shim, 1 x headset cap, 1 x distance ring, 1 x screw
chilli spider HIC groove fork
The fork, matched with Spider HIC, has unique grooves in the upper part of the fork. 

Insert the Spider HIC into the fork's groove, then lock it on the deck with a screw. Install the bar on the fork, then closing the clamp. 

Meanwhile, the spider HIC fork can also be perfectly compatible with the SCS system. Just remove the spider shim to use the SCS clamp directly.

Spider HIC is an excellent compression system solution.

Sum up: If you want to have a fork compatible with IHC, HIC, and SCS compression systems, you must not miss it.
(Note: If you choose spider HIC, please set up with chilli fork.)

Handlebar material
different materials pro scooter handlebar
Most of the kick pro stunt scooters bars are made of CrMo, aluminum, and titanium by way of forging or welding, etc. Each material has different advantages. Riders can choose the most suitable pro stunt scooters bars according to your own needs.


CrMo steel is a standard metal material with high strength and toughness. It is an excellent material for making many extreme sports products (such as BMX, MTB and fixed gear). And also very suitable for making pro stunt scooters handlebars.

-CrMo steel handlebars, the cross tube's outer diameter is 22mm, and a different brand determines the different inner diameter. 
-The stand bar's size is generally 28.6mm inner diameter/ 31.8mm out diameter or 31.8mm inner diameter / 34.9mm out diameter. 
-It can apply to all locking systems on the market, such as ICS, HIC, Spider HIC, IHC, SCS, etc.

But CrMo steel pro scooter bars are a little bit heavy, which is not the first choice for the riders who request lightweight. Moreover, due to steel's nature, if the surface coating (such as painting) falls off, the CrMo steel pro stunt scooter bars will easy to rust. CrMo steel can not make with anodize surface technology.


aluminum pro scooters handlebars
Compared with CrMo steel, aluminum pro stunt scooters bars are lighter in weight and does not rust. 

For aluminum pro stunt scooters handlebars, the outer diameter of the cross tube is 22mm. Considering the strength, the wall of the aluminum handlebars' cross tube is slightly thicker than that of CrMo and Titanium handlebars. 
And the diameter of the straight pipe is generally 34.9mm o.d / 28.6mm i.d. Applicable to ICS, IHC, Spider HIC, and SCS systems, not suit for HIC systems.

Aluminum pro stunt scooters handlebars are beautiful in shape and light in weight, which is suitable for riders pursuing lightweight. But the strength of aluminum stunt scooters handlebars is a little bit weak compared with CrMo and titanium. The longer the aluminum handlebars is, the easier it is to bend(when these three materials are in the same length).

Titanium Titanium pro scooter handlebar
Titanium is a kind of metal material developed in the 1950s. In recent years, it applies to manufacture high-end pro stunt scooters handlebars. Titanium pro stunt scooter handlebars have high strength and very lightweight, have been welcomed by many pro riders.

The o.d of the cross tube of titanium pro scooters handlebar is 22mm. The straight tube is generally 28.6mm i.d/31.8mm o.d or 31.8mm i.d/34.9mm o.d. 

It can apply to all locking systems on the market, such as ICS, HIC, Spider HIC, IHC, SCS, etc.

The hardness of titanium pro stunt scooters handlebars is higher, and the shape is relatively simple. Titanium achieves high strength with lightweight, and the excellent quality also makes the handlebar more high-end. But the price of titanium handlebars is high, which is several times that of CrMo steel handlebars.

It is very suitable for riders who pursue both lightweight and high setup requirements. High intensity, lightweight, and good riding experience are widespread among high-level riders.

different marerials pro scooter cross handlebar
The thickness of the cross bar is Aluminum > CrMo steel > Titanium
So aluminum bar-end is finer than Crmo steel bar-end.

Handlebar shape
It mainly divides into four points: T-bar and Y-bar, and whether there are gusset structures.

T-Bar / Y-Bar
T-Bar  Y-Bar
Two straight handlebars weld to T-bar. The structure is simple. And easy to produce. Has always been favored by riders who love simple style. But as the T-bar structure is too simple, the strength is slightly lower than Y-bar.

Y-bar bent the cross tube based on t-bar. With higher strength and more variable shape design.

Gusset Structures
Gusset structures handlerbar
Gusset structures refer to the support at the left and right sides of the cross bar's welding position and the stand bar. The fabric is simple of no gusset pro stunt scooters handlebars, and the strength is slightly lower than the gusset bar.

The strength of Gusset structure pro stunt scooters handlebars is higher and could design to more styles. But it adds a little bit of weight to the pro stunt scooters handlebar. 

The hollow cutout design has the risk of injury if the rider's finger inserts into the hole. The good thing is more and more brand awareness and pays attention to this problem, reducing the hollow's size to minimize the risk.


    To choose pro stunt scooters handlebars, you need to know the compression system you used first and select the handlebar's appearance and material according to your own preference. 

    Okay~That's all for this article. We hope all of you guys having the scootering fun!

    Thanks for your time~

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ipozon Team
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  • How To Choose a Pro Scooters Handlebar?
    How To Choose a Pro Scooters Handlebar?
    The handlebar is one of the essential pro scooters parts of stunt scooters. This article will introduce scooter handlebars from three point-Compression system, Shape, Materials. We hope it useful for riders.
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