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CE- EMC Certification

CE-EMC Certification demonstrates compliance with EU legislation. It is to be applied by electronic product manufacturers. By applying the CE marking a manufacturer declares - our product IPOZON BOOSTER meets all the legal requirements and can thus be placed on the EEA market.

CE- EMC CertificationCE- EMC Test Report

CE- LVD Certification

CE-LVD Certification assures that all our manufacturing procedures will comply at all times with EU regulations governing CE Product Certification. Our product SCOOTER BOOSTER can enter the European Union and allows free movement throughout the nearly 30 countries.

CE- LVD CertificationCE- LVD Test Report

FCC Certification

Each electronic product manufacturer requires an FCC certification for its electronic device, to obtain regulatory approval for the device in the United States. We acquire FCC Certification which primarily means an approval of electronic technology devices in the United States.

FCC CertificationFCC Test Report

RoHS Test Report

With RoHS Test Report, our booster for pro scooter comply the Restriction of Hazardous Substances. The designs of booster meet RoHS-compliant components and RoHS-compliant assembly processes.

RoHS Test Report

Utility Model Patent-I

We developed the electric power technology for the pro scooter. It is a power device. Simple assembly can make pro scooters much faster. This invention is protected by the utility model law.

Utility Model Patent-I

Utility Model Patent-II

The combination of pro scooter and Ipozon booster come out a newest hybrid system, which obtained utility model patent.

Utility Model Patent-II

Design Patent

We focus on every details of the products design, from the shape, color and other aspects. Ipozon booster is a new design, obtained the design patent, which is protected by the patent law.

Design Patent
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